31st October 2018

Have You Thought About?

Health & Safety both in and out of the workplace should be taken seriously. Here are some scenarios that you should consider… you may be shocked!

Believe it or not: The minimum first aid requirement (in a low risk workplace and with fewer than 25 employees) is an appointed person to carry out the administration in the event of an accident…

What if an employee has a heart attack?
What about the public’s perception of your business if this event was to result in a fatality?
What about legal costs, time, employees’ goodwill?


First Aid

Food safety is an essential consideration for those preparing and serving food to the public.

But what about the catering facilities you provide for your staff to use?
What if there was an outbreak of sickness and diarrhoea in your workforce as a result of poor hygiene in your staffroom?
What about your production levels? Delivery times? Customer confidence?

Food Safety

We all have a responsibility to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Do children attend your premises?
Do you employ under 18s? Apprentices? Do you employ disabled adults?  Anyone with mental health issues?
Do you have elderly / vulnerable clients? Do you visit them in their own homes? Alone? What if something happened? An accusation made? What about the reputation of your business?


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